Light steel frame building (LSFB)

Light steel frame building (LSFB) has been in use in South Africa since 2007 and is fast becoming the way to build in the future. It is a building method and not a pre-fabricated or kit build. Components are manufactured in a factory and assembled on-site. The light steel frame walls, floor panels and roof structure are made from 0.8mm galvanised rolled steel and assembled in a factory. These panels are then transported to site where they can be installed either on a steel floor panel or concrete slab.

Like timber frame building the walls are cladded externally and internally with a wide range of alternative cladding materials. Electrical and plumbing services are installed in the walls and ceiling cavities, with the walls and ceiling then being insulated with various insulation materials. Floors can be finished with either, tiles, laminate or vinyl flooring.

The LSFB method is much faster and cleaner than conventional building, which means less workmen on site and the project built in a shorter time period, as well as minimal damage to your garden (this is a great bonus).

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